Roderick Barton


Candidate for President


Roderick Barton graduated high school with honors in Memphis, Tennessee before going off to college at the University of Tennessee. Equipped with a business degree, he headed to Atlanta to conquer corporate America. After ten years and holding a variety of roles, he ventured off on his own creating his own small marketing firm now in its eighth year. During this time he has discovered his passion for travelling, drawing, and event planning.



Please complete the following questions.  Please limit your responses to each question to two (2) paragraphs in length.

  1. Briefly describe your background. Please include the following: 


BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing & HR minor in Economics

Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Globalization Management

Civic Engagement:

In the past six years, serving under two Presidents, my roles with the National Black MBA Association Atlanta Chapter have included four years as Special Events Director, Planning Committee Co-Chair for 2014 National Conference, Co-Chair for 2011 Conference Welcome Party.  In each of these roles, I have successfully brought my style of collaboration and attention to details to accomplished and develop a team of volunteers to meet and/or exceed expectations that continues to represent Atlanta Chapter’s strong brand.

My ability to accomplish these tasks is in part the reciprocity of trust developed between those on the Special Event Committee who are empowered to take an active role in the success of the committee, drawing from the strengths in everyone, and leading with respect so that each person feels value. As Director of Special Events I am honored to have one of the largest committees with over 15 active members.

In 2013, I completed the United Way VIP Board Training Program to gain a greater understand of the various roles and responsibilities as a board member. At the recommendation from previous participants, I found the training was instrumental in developing my current passion and drive to be a better servant leader.

I currently serve as a member of the University of Tennessee Alumni Association Board Council and Board President for the Chattanooga Campus’ Alumni Team. As a member of the Alumni Councils we are charged to develop programs that attract Alumni participation, giving, and development across the various cities where chapters exist.

In addition to the Alumni Board position, I serve as Board Secretary and Board Recruitment Chair for Premier Academy. A head start/Pre-K school for underserve parents in the Atlanta Metro. Premier Academy is one of the longest run Academies offering holistic programming in both liberal arts and STEM education.

I am also a founding Board Member for CAK Production Music Academy based out of DC and I serve on the Board of Advisors for Independent Artist Competition Association (IACA).

  1. The Atlanta Chapter is very active within the business and civic communities in the Greater Atlanta Area. Describe how your addition to the Atlanta Chapter will increase our brand standing and visibility within the communities we serve.

 As a member of the board of directors, I have worked tremendously to maintain the brand standards by serving in key roles on a couple of collaborative network organization. One key role would be the Planning Chair for the Coalition of Atlanta Professional Associations (C.A.P.A) committee for the past three years.  Now in its 4th year, the annual event has become one of the largest gathering of professionals in the metro area.  The event began as a collaboration among four professional organizations with a couple hundred attendees, the event has now organically grown to eight professional organizations and drawing over 600 attendees.  The National Black MBA Association presence on the committee continues to stands as one of the strongest brands amongst those who participate and a value to the network success.

In addition to C.A.P.A, I serve as the chapter rep in the newly formed African American Professional Network (AAPN) whose mission is to also provide a greater collaboration amongst professionals in the metro area. AAPN base are professionals from a variety of company’s African American Affinity Groups.

Professionally, I have made a career serving in a variety of roles in the entertainment and hospitality industry. The goals set by both of these industry is based on brand perception, excellence in service, and customer loyalty all skill sets necessary to serve such a large and diverse organization such as NBMBAA. This mindset will also serve significant in leading a board in its discussion as it relates to its decisions regarding the overall brand of the chapter.

  1. Are there any scheduling conflicts that will not permit you to contributing to the chapter at your desired capacity? If so, please share (e.g. heavy work travel, multiple non- work related commitments, family restrictions, religious standing, etc.)

Currently there are no known commitments that will affect my service. As an entrepreneur, I have the luxury to set my schedule on a week to week bases.

  1. Why the NBMBAA Atlanta Chapter Board of Directors? Please include your goals and desires for service.

I have served with the Atlanta Board for four years, while being involved with the chapter for the last seven. In this time, the organization’s mission is one that I am passionate about. The connections made over this time have been a personal highlight in my life where I am eternally grateful. I have grown abundantly as both a professional and a whole person in my approach to the world.

My goals as President will be to work at expanding the added value that current and potential members will find reason to continue or find a home in with their membership.  We have a great chapter, the growth potential is boundless and thought leader like myself will continue to harness into that greatness to move the needle further to grow the organization beyond its current value. I believe that I am uniquely qualified at this time to lead the organization with my brand of passion and creativity.  My work on the board has been boundless and my commitment to it mission unwavering.

  1. What do you value?

The thing that I value most sums up to Character. One’s character tells a lot about them, it defines their integrity, temperament, and energy they bring into a situation. A leader’s character can be infectious to everyone around them. It’s their character that shapes the decisions, purpose, and passion that ultimately define the norms and culture of the group. What’s unique about Character is it can only be masked for a short amount of time before it is ultimately exposed whether it is good and bad. A great leader has to always ensure that his or her character mirrors good so that it can continue to the draw good out of others.  I continue to mirror my life after this philosophy; as my goal so to leave a legacy that reflects and draws good not only in my work but in others that I come in contact.