NBMBAA Atlanta

Board of Directors Application


Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve on the National Black MBA Association Atlanta Chapter Board of Directors (NBMBAA Atlanta).  Your contribution and stewardship will continue to propel NBMBAA Atlanta into even higher levels.  Established in 1980, NBMBAA Atlanta is the largest within a 39-chapter network across the nation. Each chapter has:

  1. 501(c)(3) tax exemption status and by-laws that govern.
  2. Executive Officers elected by the General Body membership.
  3. Board of Directors are appointed leaders that serve alongside the Executive Officers.


IMPORTANT:  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, NBMBAA Atlanta Members will vote via electronic ballot during the established voting period.


NBMBAA Atlanta National / Local Awards & Recognitions


  • Largest NBMBAA Chapter out of 39 Chapter (2000+ Members)
  • National Chapter of the Year (2019, 2015, 2010, 2009, 2006, 2004)
  • National Chapter President of the Year (2014, 2012)
  • National Channel Award: Professional Development (2019, 2015)
  • National Channel Award: Lifestyle – Community Affairs (2019, 2014)
  • National Channel Award: Entrepreneurship (2012)
  • National Conference Host Chapter (2014, 2011, 2006)
  • National 2019 Model Chapter (large category)
  • Local Government Proclamation: Recognition for Worthy Cause to Metro Atlanta (2019)
  • Local Government Proclamation – Astounding Service to Metro Atlanta (2019)



Board of Directors Responsibilities


  • Remain current in financial standing as a member of NBMBAA Atlanta
  • Contribute or raise $1500 annually via corporate sponsorship or personal.
  • Attend monthly Board meetings, Membership Meetings and Networking Events.
  • Attend Signature Events (Entrepreneur Institute, Professional Development Symposium, Scholarship Luncheon and Holiday Soiree).
  • Attend at least one (1) Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) meeting annually
  • Participate in at least one community service project and/or cultural event annually
  • Attend annual NBMBAA Atlanta strategic planning session



Please complete the following questions.  Limit your response to each question to two (2) paragraphs.


  1. Briefly describe your background, include the following:
  • Education
  • Profession: brief synopsis of roles and responsibilities
  • Civic/Non-Profit affiliations – include previous or current board service/training
  • Confirm prerequisite and other qualifications for the desired position


  1. NBMBAA Atlanta is very active within the business and civic communities in the Greater Atlanta Area. Describe how your addition to NBMBAA Atlanta will strengthen our brand visibility within the targeted area communities.


  1. Are there any possible scheduling issue that might not permit you to contribute to NBMBAA Atlanta at the desired capacity? If yes, please explain (g. heavy work travel, multiple non- work-related commitments, family restrictions, religious standing, etc.)


  1. Why desire to serve on the NBMBAA Atlanta Board of Directors? Please explain your goals and desire for service.


  1. What do you value?



Directions for Submission/Application Process


All applicants must submit their responses along with a CV, headshot, short bio (180 words or less) via email in PDF form to elections@atlbmba.org.


All completed applications will be vetted for accuracy by the 2020 Elections Review Committee. Applicants who are not current financial members of the NBMBAA Atlanta do not meet the prerequisite qualifications; therefore, will be deemed ineligible.  Applications must be submitted by July 31, 2020 at 5pm ET.  Upon submission, each applicant will receive an email confirmation that will include next steps.




Board of Directors Roles by Position




The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NBMBAA Atlanta with the responsibility to develop vision and objectives aligned with the NBMBAA Atlanta mission statement. All elected officers and appointed committee directors report directly to the CEO.

  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the NBMBAA Atlanta
  • Preside over all General Membership, Board and Special Call meetings.
  • Represent NBMBAA Atlanta before the NBMBAA National Headquarters.
  • Appoint and/or remove Director(s) by consent deemed with a simple majority of the Executive Board.
  • Appoint replacement Executive Officer(s) and/or Director(s) removed or who resign via the concurrence of a simple majority of the Board.
  • Call Special Meetings deemed necessary for the Board and/or for General Membership.
  • Create ad-hoc committees aligned with specific Board goals and appoint the Director(s) for said committees.
  • Cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie at a Board, General Membership, or Special Call meeting.
  • Have veto rights for any Board decision. The Board retains override veto power with a 2/3 majority vote.
  • Maintain possession of NBMBAA Atlanta credit card and provide written authorization for appropriate use on a case by case basis.
  • Sign check authorization requests prior to release of reimbursement funds by the Vice President of Finance – serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of all committees.


Vice President of Administration


The standing committees reporting to this office are Career Network, Programs and Economic Development.

  • Preside over meetings (ie. Board, General Membership, Special Call) in the absence of the President.
  • Act as parliamentarian for General Membership, Board, and Special Call meetings which includes being familiar with and keeping a copy of the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order for the Chapter.
  • Assume the Office of the President if for any reason the President cannot complete / fulfill his or her term and appoint a replacement for the Vice President of Administration pending Board approval.
  • Oversee the implementation and revision of the Constitution and By-laws
  • Ensure the efficient administration of the Chapter’s rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Assist the National Conference Chairperson from Atlanta in the planning and administration of the National Conference of the NBMBAA whenever it convenes in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Complete special projects as delegated by the President or the Board.
  • Sign check authorization requests prior to release of reimbursement funds by the Vice President of Finance – serve as an ex-officio Career Network, Programs and Corporate Affairs committees.


Vice President of Operations


The standing committees reporting to this office are Community Affairs, Leaders of Tomorrow and Student Affairs.

  • Preside over meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President of Administration.
  • Seek opportunities where the Chapter or its members can benefit from or assist companies, entrepreneurs or government agencies.
  • Ensure the effective operation of the Chapter’s committees.
  • Complete special projects as delegated by the President or the Board.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Community Affairs, Leaders of Tomorrow and Student Affairs committees.


Vice President of Finance


The standing committees reporting to the office are Special Events and Corporate Affairs.

  • Preside over meetings in the absence of the President and both Vice President of Administration and Operation.
  • Maintain current and accurate records of the financial position of the Chapter by recording, classifying, and summarizing all monetary transactions.
  • Prepare detailed, written financial reports for all Chapter accounts to be presented at each Board meeting.
  • Submit all financial reports required by the National Office which include but are not limited to, quarterly and year-end reporting, after reviewing the reports with the Chapter President and any other person designated by the President.
  • Update 501(c) 3 status, with the assistance of the President, and submitting financial reports as needed by legal or governmental agencies.
  • Prepare a Budget Planning Packet under the President’s guidance, which includes one year (minimum) of financial records and the Corporate Affairs Strategic Plan for the coming year. The Budget Planning Packet will be presented to the Board at the September Board meeting. The Directors will submit their budget proposals in accordance with the format provided. The Board should agree on the final budget at the October Board meeting.
  • Safeguard all Chapter funds through the proper receipt and disbursement of funds in accordance with these By-laws (See Article VI) and the operating procedures set forth by the Board.
  • Maintain possession of Chapter credit card and providing written authorization for use on a case by case basis.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Corporate Affairs and Special Events committees.


Vice President of Records


The standing committees reporting to this office are Government Affairs, Legal Affairs and Membership.

  • Record the proceedings of all Board, Special Call meeting and General Membership (as applicable).
  • Distribute copies of the Board meeting minutes to Board members prior to the upcoming Board meeting for review.
  • Prepare and distribute agendas for all Board meetings in advance and prepare General Membership and Special Call meeting agendas upon request.
  • Maintain an accurate record of attendance for each Board meeting as well as a list of excused and unexcused absences.
  • Obtain a copy of the most current roster of members in good standing from the Membership Director each month.
  • Safeguard all legal documents, reports, and minutes pertaining to the Chapter.
  • Ensure that copies of all minutes are readily available for review by any member in good standing requesting such information.
  • Relinquish all records to successor and President when service in office ends.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Government Affairs, Legal Affairs and Membership committees.


Vice President of Communications


The standing committees reporting to this office are Marketing & Communication, Public Relations and Information Technology.

  • Record Chapter proceedings in the absence of the Vice President of Records.
  • Coordinate the preparation and distribution of the Chapter newsletter.
  • Update the Chapter voicemail message, as necessary.
  • Retrieve voicemail messages weekly (at a minimum), returning calls as needed, or notify appropriate Chapter member of voicemail requests.
  • Check the Chapter mailbox weekly (at a minimum) and distribute mail to the appropriate people in a timely manner.
  • Read to the Board any correspondence received that require Board approval (e.g. donations for ads, invitations to event, etc.).
  • Maintain inventory of stationery supplies, business cards, etc.
  • Write and send chapter correspondence upon request.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Marketing & Communications, Public Relations and Information Technology committees.


Director of Career Network


The Career Network Committee shall report to the Vice President of Administration.

  • Establish relationships with local company human resource managers and recruiting firm to obtain job opening information.
  • Devise an efficient method to distribute this job information to Chapter members in good standing only.
  • Plan and develop employment-related and/or professional development seminars.


Director of Community Affairs


The Community Affairs Committee shall report to the Vice President of Operations.

  • Build partnerships with applicable organizations in the local community for outreach and partnership service opportunities.
  • Assess opportunities for involvement of the Chapter and individual members that increase visibility and strengthen ties in the community.


Director of Corporate Affairs


The Corporate Affairs Committee shall report to the Vice President of Finance.

  • Submit in writing a proposed listing of the Chapter’s protected list of Corporate Partners for approval by the President and Vice President, Finance by November Board Meeting each year.
  • Solicit monetary funding, underwriting, and in-kind services to support programs and events.
  • Recruit corporate partners to support events and the National Conference (when in Atlanta).
  • Maintain strong relationships with members of the corporate community to ensure corporate awareness of the Chapter’s activities.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan for Corporate Partners by the September Board meeting as input for the budget process.
  • Sponsor at least one major recruitment event each year.
  • Maintain an updated database of key contact people for current and potential
  • Corporate Partners: submit list to Vice President of Communications to include on mailing list.


Director of Special Events


The Special Events Committee shall report to the Vice President of Finance.

  • Develop, plan, and implement events that provide an informal social outlet for members.
  • Manage the annual Christmas Soiree and Scholarship Luncheon.
  • Seek opportunities to partner with other organization for collaborations for other fundraising events.
  • Work with Corporate Affairs to obtain sponsorships for special events.
  • Manage and execute all logistics associated with special events (venues, entertainment, catering, RFPs, etc.). Special events include but are not limited to Signature and Networking Events.
  • Assist any ad-hoc committee or chapter activity that involves the raising of funds not managed by Corporate Affairs.


Director of Government Affairs


The Government Affairs Committee shall report to the Vice President, Records.

  • Inform the Chapter of the key political issues affecting membership and local community.
  • Conduct voter registration drives.
  • Sponsor issues forum to increase political awareness, as necessary.


Director of Membership


The Membership Committee shall report to the Vice President, Records.

  • Recruit new and retain existing and transfer members to the Chapter.
  • Prepare and distribute membership information packages.
  • Receive, review, copy and submit applications for membership to National Office.
  • Coordinate registration table at monthly meetings.
  • Collect guest fees at the monthly meetings, if applicable.
  • Track attendance at monthly meetings and special events.
  • Publish membership directory at least once a year.
  • Maintain the most current membership roster and provide any changes to the Vice President of Communications monthly to update the official mailing list.


Director of Programs


The Programs Committee shall report to the Vice President of Administration.

  • Plan, develop, and present the program for the monthly meetings as well as other programs where deemed appropriate.
  • Arrange the date, time, location, logistics (catering, A/V) and program agenda for the monthly meetings.
  • Publish a calendar of monthly meeting topics for the year.
  • Send out invitation letters to panelists and moderator.
  • Develop program description and panelist questions,
  • Send out appreciation letters to all speakers and contributors monthly.


Director of Marketing / PR


The Marketing & Communications Committee shall report to the Vice President, Communications.

  • Create and update marketing brochures, picture collages, and poster to be used for recruiting members and Corporate Partners.
  • Develop electronic communications for e-blasts and social media.
  • Develop and manage social media presence.
  • Create and provide content for Chapter website.
  • Contact newspapers, magazines, and other relevant periodicals to advertise monthly meetings and other Chapter activities.
  • Write and submit press releases for major Chapter events.
  • Establish relationships with key media personnel to obtain media coverage at selected Chapter events
  • Notify the membership of the program topics through Email Blast and the Chapter newsletter.
  • Assist Vice President, Communications with Chapter newsletter as needed seeking opportunities to gain positive visibility for the Chapter.


Director of Student Affairs


The Student Affairs Committee shall report to the Vice President of Operations.

  • Maintain communications with local graduate business schools and recruit student members.
  • Sponsor activities that address the needs of the student members.
  • Update and distribute scholarship applications.
  • Coordinate the scholarship selection process and awards reception; and conduct two student events each year


Director of Economic Development


The Economic Development Committee shall report to the Vice President, Administration.

  • Develop entrepreneur programs to educate membership and the community about opportunities.
  • Partner with other organizations to provide technical assistance to Atlanta area entrepreneurs.
  • Promote an empowering environment with the Chapter that supports those who are self- employed.
  • Participate in local economic development initiatives as appropriate.
  • Establish and conduct programs that provide increased opportunities for entrepreneurial members to network and increase “business knowledge”
  • Engage “seasoned members” in activities that utilize their skills and business acumen in a consulting role in preparation for future entrepreneurial activities or in support of public sector programs for entrepreneurs and oversee the Chapter’s annual Entrepreneurial Institute.


Director of Information Technology


The Information Technology Committee shall report to the Vice President, Communications.

  • Maintain website and post up-to-date information about chapter events.
  • Evaluate new uses for the website and enhancements needed to capitalize on these new opportunities.
  • Routinely benchmark site against sites of other chapters/associations.
  • Coordinate with Marketing/Public Relations to send announcements via e-mail as appropriate.


Director, Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT)


The Leaders of Tomorrow Committee shall report to the Vice President, Operations.


  • Recruit and retain students, mentors and corporate partners for the LOT program.
  • Distribute LOT information packages.
  • Track attendance at monthly LOT meetings and special events.
  • Maintain the most current LOT student and mentoring participant roster.
  • Develop inter-organizational relations with other student mentoring programs and coordinate a variety of activities, workshops, and events for LOT students that emphasize growth in the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Academics
    • Professional Development
    • Community Service
    • Cultural Activities
    • Securing Internships & Scholarships